Shooting Stars Uptobox

  • Title: Shooting Stars
  • Release year: 1928
  • Director: Anthony Asquith
  • Actors: Annette Benson, Brian Aherne, Donald Calthrop, Wally Patch, David Brooks, Ella Daincourt, Chili Bouchier, Tubby Phillips, Ian Wilson, Judd Green, Anthony Asquith
  • Movie length: 80 min.
  • Movie genres: Drama; Western

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This film has a pretty good cast, some really stunning production.

You would certainly get so many of cool feelings and would like acting of Anthony Asquith, Brian Aherne, Wally Patch, Annette Benson during watching Shooting Stars, the greatest of all Drama movies of 1928. The idea of Shooting Stars is so cool and acting of Anthony Asquith makes it so realistic and so cool. Our rate of the film is 10 from 10 and we strongly recommend everybody to start watching it now! There are only 80 mins that would bring you a lot of so great pleasurable impressions.

A lot of fun, adventure and movement. Just watch it very engaging. My favorite Drama flick. I really loved this picture and I am not interested about what someone else think about the "Shooting Stars" picture because I love it so much!

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Shooting Stars film is a pretty decent movie, filled with lots of fantastic action.

If you are looking for some fascinating action of genre Western then get congratulations because you have just found one of the best of them all! And there are no doubts that the cool enjoyment with Shooting Stars would not and could not leave you calm or something of this kind! Here you would find the most famous actors of 1928 who act their roles so nicely. There are so many so wonderful episodes in Shooting Stars that would make you laugh and cry. What we can say with 100% sure – you would like this action and would not feel the length 80 mins.

Production is exciting with excellent locations and a superb cast and a good plot could be wrong??? If you accept that Ella Daincourt produce things that you see on the film you maybe is crazy! The great thing in this Shooting Stars film is not boring! However Ella Daincourt is very funny and makes better the movie, but the actor is a bit simple.

I think you will like Shooting Stars action. Thank you. ;-)